16 October 2013

The symbiotic demigod.

11 April 2012


11 February 2012




11 October 2011



Seed Vicious

He is a punk musician, and a drug dealer. His music is quite shit but yet attractive. He has a good vibe. His drug is absolutely harmless and not addictive, but has a really good hallucinating effect and euphoriac.

11 July 2011




11 July 2007


Ripper Rabbit



Rukon Midas

He can produces gold from the eye on his chest and turn everything into gold. But, as he does that miracle so easy, no one belives that he can produces gold. That is the reason of he is being a poor.



Scar Stitch

He is a non-licenced criminal doctor and a good friend of Seed Vicious. He has really good luck. He never killed people from his dangerous sugery and never caught by police either.



Faceless, Dot Dot Dash, D D-Bar.

It doesn’t have a real name. It doesn’t know it’s own true face either. It always wanting to find it’s true face but all it can do is making a same ‘dot dot dash’ed face.

2 August 2006


11 July 2006



Duke Newston Papersh

He knows every news and information around his area.

His information is really useful and good but his attitude is too posh and over-prouded so you might get annoyed easilly.




he made this universe with his famous tune ‘ the Big Bang’. The vibration of that tune was great but after that, his inspiration is not working well, so he is working as a DJ.

Raggy Baggy

He was born in a huge garbage yard where full of rots. His shape is built from the first shadow he saw from the garbage can. As the shadow was so blur and the environment around him was quite filthy, his look became really distorted and gross. But he has really gentle heart. People doesn’t like him at all but animals and broken toys loves him.

2 July 2006