20 October 2023


BEFORE COVID_19 : Offline avatar ‘IRASO’

As the age of untact (no-contact) caused by COVID-19 pandemic, our new daily routine has become online for the most part. Shopping and hobbies, work-related areas, even social relationships (activities) are taking place online.
Like our avatars online, we visualize ourselves both internally and externally in
offline human relationships . ‘IRASO’, the offline avatar is the alter ego of an
anonymous one, and was made into a doll that reflects itself in real social life.

AFTER COVID-19 : Online avatar ‘NIROBA12’

‘THIRD LIFE’, the virtual world that consists of a worldwide network, is a cybernetic world where you can enjoy shopping, sports, and travel in the same way as real life through your avatar. The online avatar of ‘THIRD LIFE’ exists itself in the virtual world’s society. In this new world’s order, we created a virtual avatar of our own, and ask ourselves what we look like and how we build our social life.